2016 U.S. Presidential Election Timeline

Compiled by Alex Cosper

How Trump Defeated Clinton

Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election was considered a stunning upset. Clinton had a 3 point edge in several major polls by election day. A key to Trump's electoral win was a cluster of unexpected victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The election raised questions about abolishing the electoral college, since Clinton actually won the popular vote.

Key Dates

05-30-16 Gary Johnson accepts the Libertarian nomination in Orlando.
06-06-16 AP announces that Clinton has enough superdelegates to win the democratic nomiation.
06-07-16 Clinton wins the California primary.
07-12-16 Bernie Sanders announces his support for Hillary Clinton.
07-21-16 Trump accepts the Republican nomination in Cleveland.
07-24-16 DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns after WikiLeaks reveals her pro-Hillary schemes.
07-28-16 Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia.
08-07-16 Jill Stein accepts the Green Party nomination in Houston.
08-08-16 Former CIA officer Evan McMullin announces his independent candidacy for president.
08-17-16 Trump announces a major campaign team shake-up, hiring Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News.
09-07-16 Arrest warrants are issued for Green Party candidates at North Dakota pipeline protest.
09-11-16 Clinton appears to faint following 911 event in New York.
09-26-16 Presidential Debate #1 in New York at Hofstra University.
10-04-16 VP debate between Pence and Kaine.
10-07-16 An Access Hollywood video leaks with Trump making offensive sexual remarks.
10-07-16 WikiLeaks release reveals Clinton has separate personas for Wall Street and Main Street.
10-09-16 Presidential Debate #2 in St. Louis.
10-19-16 Presidential Debate #3 in Las Vegas.
10-28-16 FBI says it is reviewing new Clinton email evidence.
11-06-16 FBI Director Comey says there will be no further investigation of Clinton.
11-08-16 Donald Trump wins presidential election, gives victory speech.
11-09-16 Hillary Clinton delivers concession speech.

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