2017 Release of JFK Files Merely Raises More Questions
by Alex Cosper, Saturday, October 28, 2017

Not much compelling information pertaining to the Kennedy assassination was revealed with the long awaited release of the JFK files on October 26, 2017. If you're deep into the early sixties, then maybe you found something useful from the dump. Clearly, many questions remain unanswered and it does not appear the government has much concern about answering these puzzling questions that relate specifically to the murder. Much of the information from the released files didn't even deal with the murder. It's as if the message was: we've been keeping this mountain of irrelevant information a secret for decades - just as a tease.

Mainstream Media Treats the Case as Trivial

Mainstream media, which isn't required by any law to be truthful when it comes to reporting the news, as usual, treated the JFK assassination as boring old news. Although CBS tried to make something of the JFK files, there was no sense that big media has even paid attention to the case for decades. The usual headline is that there is no headline and that the case has long been closed. That type of attitude proves the media has been sleeping on the job since the last official ruling by the government was that President Kennedy was assassinated "probably as a result of a conspiracy." That's what the House of Representatives concluded in 1978 after reopening the case.

Why Does the JFK Case Still Matter?

The JFK case still matters since the government has failed to answer incredibly disturbing questions about not only the murder, but the way the government ignored many witnesses - who were murdered. Until someone can logically explain why dozens of eyewitnesses who disagreed with the Warren Report died mysteriously within a few years of the incident, it deserves to be an open case. After all, there are no statute of limitations on murder.

What Have We Learned Over the Years?

Plenty of research has piled up over the long span of time since the Warren Report was issued in 1964. The Oliver Stone film JFK in 1991 was what caused the government to speed up the release of the JFK files to 2017. Back then there seemed to be much more discussion in society and in the media about the case. The movie presented the case that JFK was killed by factions within the government because Kennedy was trying to pull out of Vietnam. LBJ immediately reversed JFK's order to begin bringing "advisors" home. Instead he escalated the war with the dubious "Gulf of Tonkin incident" in which North Vietnam allegedly attacked a U.S. submarine. It didn't really happen, according to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in his own documentary called The Fog of War.

Since the movie, the internet has become a vehicle for assassination researchers to share information. That's how we're able to piece a lot more viable information together about the assassination than what the government has declassified with the 2017 release. Jesse Ventura has written about the case and has conducted his own research. He was able to uncover an audio tape of CIA operative E. Howard Hunt admitting on his deathbed that he participated in the "big event" as a "benchwarmer" for the assassination team. Ventura has also mentioned on talk shows about a video interview of James T. Files, who claimed he was the Grassy Knoll shooter.

Strange Unanswered Questions

Why was Oswald's palm print nowhere to be found on the rifle ... until after his death?

Why was there insufficient secret service protection for the president?

Why did the Warren Report ignore dozens of witnesses who said they heard shots from the Grassy Knoll?

Why was Oswald allowed to return to the U.S. after supposedly defecting to the Soviet Union?

Why was the president's limousine only moving at 11 mph, which was a secret service violation?

Why did the media and the FBI forget about the second rifle (7.65 Mauser) found in the Texas School Book Depository?

Why did the Warren Report ignore witnesses who said Ruby knew Oswald?

How was Jack Ruby able to gain access to the Dallas Police building to shoot Oswald?

Why did the Warren Report ignore Gov. Connally's claim he and JFK were struck by separate bullets?

Why was ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles, who Kennedy fired over the Bay of Pigs fiasco, allowed to serve on the Warren Commission?

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