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The Nu Pop Culture is a website that brings together news and information about the 21st century revolution of individual empowerment. Instead of all the bad news that can be found across mainstream media sites, this site's goal is to share visionary and helpful ideas that are worth sharing with others. Ultimately, it's a place where you can tap into the developments in solar energy, the organic food movement, emerging technology and the spirit of independent business.

I designed the site to be additional information to sister sites Playlist Research and SacTV. It's dedicated to innovative ideas and encourages progress. Naturally, the views of this publication are more progressive than mainstream sites that are more concerned about protecting sponsorships. Nu Pop Culture sets out to be a resource funded by appropriate advertisers, favoring informative content with a personable narrative that can be useful in people's lives.

Most of the first part of my career was built on last century's technology, which was radio. I was able to get my message across to thousands of listeners in between songs when I programmed the successful Sacramento alternative station in the 90s, KWOD 106.5. Since it was an independently-owned station, I was proud of the fact that my programming beat corporate programming in the ratings with a minimalist and creative approach.

Ideally, this site will bring together interesting people who can share "nu ideas" with the world. Each of us can help make the world better by learning more about it, which plays deep into the environmental themes of this site. Nu Pop Culture and its various sister properties are based in San Diego County.

Alex Cosper
Nu Pop Culture

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