Designing an Independent Career Path
by Alex Cosper, July 8, 2016

It's easy to understand why many young people want nothing to do with the corporate world, which mostly treats workers like industrial or technological slaves and statistics than human beings. Wasn't this big system of capitalism supposed to be help civilization? For the most part, people these days have some level of understanding that big biz runs the big show we see surrounding us. You can either be a leader or a follower in that arena, as most people are obedient followers who do what they're told.

Designing your own career path may be more challenging, but it's also much more rewarding. Even if it's not that successful of a business, it can still allow you the time to spend on what you enjoy the most. The problem is the media (mostly the internet) is flooded with entrepreneurial opportunities that either aren't real or don't make sense for most people. While it's possible to be successful with an entrepreneurial kit marketed by supposed successful individuals, you still have a better chance pursuing whatever you do best with people who trust you the most. So be careful how you use your "marketing list." Don't burn it out on something you don't really believe in.

The beauty of the internet revolution is that it allows you to work anywhere at anytime, if you choose. There are many online sites that operate either as aggregators for freelancers or agencies that hire workers who use their own devices at home. InterActive Media and Demand Media are writing platforms that pay writers to complete the assignments they choose from multiple options. Upwork (formerly oDesk and eLance) is a site that brings employers and job seekers together for specific tasks. There are also plenty of sites that hire programmers, web designers, graphic artists and virtual assistants who work from home.

Almost all upper level management positions are dependent on computers or overseeing computer systems. That puts tech-oriented people in a strong position to work as freelancers, either as IT support or more creative ventures. You can gain clients by either delivering better deals than corporate competitors or staying ahead of the curve and offering higher quality products and services. You can even become a business consultant that moves a business completely to the cloud while outsourcing programming and other technical jobs.

Even though Craigslist has far more restrictions than when it started in the nineties and still seems full of sketchy opportunities, it can be useful in trying to attract new online business that you conduct at home. By placing a few ads per week, it's possible to find enough regular clients to keep you busy all the time. Promoting your business with your own website is helpful if you use SEO strategically and offer a unique niche that resonates with an audience.

What if the things you enjoy the most don't lead to income? There's no reason why you still can't enjoy yourself while looking for more steady work. Sometimes the things we love the most turn out to just be hobbies. Not all work that pays ends up being what we want to do, but somehow someone is willing to pay for it. Your inner voice will be your best guide to help you nativate through economic uncertainty. By thinking in terms of building online communities that help each other, you will be in the best mindset for operating successfully in the nu century.

If you want to run a successful website then be an amazing resource that combines quantity and quality that cannot be found elsewhere. Duplicating what has already been done is a path to nowhere. Use your creative brain power as a priceless tool that helps shape your unique niche. Decide how many people you want to serve then come up with a plan that generates mutual benefits.

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