Why Nutrition, Exercise and Attitude Help Weight Loss
by Alex Cosper
Thursday, May 4, 2017

I've been underweight all my life due to a high metabolism. Most Americans, however, are not so fortunate. One of the keys to burning off fat is that I always stay active and walk about a mile almost every day. I also don't consume much sugar, other than fruit and sometimes small doses of fruit juice. I avoid food or drink with high-fructose corn syrup in it. I've never needed to join a weight loss program, but I've studied the science of weight gain but to understand how the body processes sugar.

Sugar may seem sweet and innocent, but it's very unhealthy, unless it comes from nature - as in organic fruits and veggies - not so much cane sugar, which is where a lot of table sugar (sucrose) comes from. I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, so people should consult professionals when developing their weight loss plans, but one thing I know from studying experts with PHDs is that too much sugar messes with your insulin and can lead to health problems, including type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Insulin regulates the amount of sugar in your bloodsteam and stores excess sugar in your liver.

The secret to weight loss begins with eating the right foods. Instead of thinking of it as a diet, think of the right nutritious foods as an investment in good health. Even though over two thirds of Americans are overweight, you have the ability to decide what you put in your body. But there's more to improving your fitness and appearance than just proper food intake.

How Weight Loss Coaching Will Bring You Happiness

While there are thousands of marketers trying to pitch plans and pills for weight loss it's possible for people lose up to hundreds of pounds in an appropriate time frame just through self-discipline and following these basic principles:

1 eating right
2 simple exercises
3 positive mental attitude
4 guidance and support

This proven weight loss system is unlike conventional programs you may have seen on television, as it does not involve taking weight loss pills or eating processed foods. It also avoids surgery, which can be a risky choice. The system empowers you to make healthy choices by giving your body and mind what they really need, which are solutions from nature.

Vegetables and grains are amazing sources of healthy vitamins. But it's still possible to keep eating the foods you like and lose weight by reducing portion sizes. You can still eat meat as long as you make it a side dish instead of a main course. One of the main keys to weight loss is counting calories, which you can cut by reducing the amount of food you eat. Another key is to drink water before meals, which can help suppress your appetite and cut 75 calories per meal.

Just like the tobacco industry, the sugar industry has deceived the masses through its advertising and research. The sugar biz has worked with the PR industry to spread tons of misinformation and phony research that it's good for your health. Something everyone should be aware of is that prior to the 20th century, most people didn't consume a lot of sugar. But with the rise of mass media and mass production of sweets, marketers found from research one of the best ways to sneak into people's lives and control their lifestyles is to get them addicted to sweets.

Mark Twain was correct when he said "it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." Transforming that wise humor into profitable marketing was the father of modern public relations, Edward Bernays. He was hired by both the government and big corporations to concoct marketing campaigns to get people to buy tons of junk that humans didn't need but made Big Biz richer.

Thanks to the proliferation of added sugar products, soft drink companies and various junk food marketers, obesity became an epidemic in America. It certainly doesn't help to sit around all day and watch TV, absorbing more propaganda and keeping your body inactive. Boycotting health destroyers helps, but you should not get angry. It's better to maintain a positive outlook, which helps the immune system do its job better.

In order for you to succeed at a weight loss program, you need to follow it consistently by practicing a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Working with a coach can help develop your inner voice that resists returning to an unhealthy lifestyle, but ultimately you must use your own brain to build self-discipline.

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