Characters In A Dumbing of Society Project
by Alex Cosper, April 8, 2017

I have created characters for a series about the dumbing of society project to help document these radically uncertain times. The characters from left to right are Evan Springer Satanica, Venus Dolofonos, Producer Crunch and Chester Commonfolk. Each one represents a unique sector of society. Maybe you've met people like these characters.

Satanica is a government worker whose job is to hack into websites to spy on suspicious people. He's a super techie who knows several programming languages. In tech culture he's considered a guru. Venus is a consultant for a wide variety of clients. Producer Crunch is the guy behind all the recordings that sound crunched in the mix from too much compression and the "loudness wars." Chester is a hysterical consumer who watches TV over 8 hours per day. He is the definition of a TV brainwashed zombie.

These characters are merely early arrivals in a fictional society for modern storytelling. They will be joined by more characters as that reflect society as time goes on. If you wonder what the government knows about you in their database, ask Evan Springer Satanica. If you wonder who can bring a crowd to your business, ask Venus Dolofonos. If you want to know who has been ruining pop music, ask Producer Crunch. If you want to know why some people take too many pharmaloonical drugs, ask Chester Commonfolk.

Ideas for the Dumbing of Society Project, a series that ties all these characters together, will be developing at Illoogle.

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