Alternative Background

My specialty is working in the independent business realm. Most of the companies I've worked for were independently owned. In the 80s and 90s I worked for independent radio station KWOD in Sacramento then WLUM in Milwaukee, owned by Hall of Fame football legend Willie Davis. I later worked on-air for independent radio owners in San Francisco at KNGY then KRCK in Palm Springs.

Since 1997 I have been involved with developing several websites, most of which were alternative in nature, usually relating to pop culture. Since I spent years working with alternative music, it naturally is something I like to continue focusing on. I'm not so much into the corporate version of alternative music, as I prefer authentic artists consciously trying to create new innovative sounds.

Does the Underground Matter?

Many people have thrown around the term "underground" now for decades. At one time this concept had a focused definition that was synonymous with counter-culture (specifically the beatnik movement of the fifties and the hippy movement of the sixties.

But over time, like with so many other cool words, it came to mean anything that wasn't popular. While there's nothing wrong with people expressing themselves how they want through art and various forms of media, it's worth looking at the difference between what once worked as a thriving subculture versus broken up factions within a subculture that no longer have cohesive bonds.

The term "alternative" is supposed to mean exactly what people think it means, which is an alternative to mainstream pop culture. But like the word "underground," there are now many examples of big biz posing as alternative without really offering anything new or different. Some people may argue that words can mean whatever people want them to mean, which is the exact recipe for unified movements getting broken up and scattered. Focused movements are more likely to grow when everyone agrees what the vision is about.

Communication is the key building block to any revolution or trend. Luckily, social networks like Facebook are actually making this possible. If enough people spread the word in sharing forward thinking ideas, then a stronger movement will emerge in the new century than anything we've seen before. The core of modern thinking needs to be about world concerns. That doesn't necessarily have to deal with politics, there just needs to be deeper awareness that the world can only get better if enough of us work together.

In a nutshell, individual expression needs to be unique within the context of people helping each other. Leadership should not be a monopoly controlled by a few big companies.

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