Where to Find Music for Videos
by Alex Cosper
Thursday, July 7, 2016

The best way to add music to your own videos is to create it yourself. That way you're in charge of everything as to how much of the music you can use. There are several places online to find free to low cost independent music that can be used in your own production. Creative Commons is one of the most widely used websites for sharing and low cost licensing.

Creative Commons offers a variety of copyright licenses for content creators, many of which who want to share their work in a limited way. The resource was founded in 2001 with help from the Center for the Public Domain. The organization has been issuing licenses since December 2002. Within a year it had issued a million licenses. This platform has since been frequently used for educational purposes.

Free Music Archive is the audio library of legendary freeform radio station WFMU. This library was launched online in 2009. The site offers music that is pre-cleared for certain types of uses for digital vendors. The site was inspired by the open source software community while offering a legal way for content creators to use music for creative projects. Artists can make money through donations, as the archive is free for the public to use.

There are several sites that claim to offer "royalty free" digital products, but they usually involve paying higher fees for extended use. In other words, they are more like stores that let you purchase music licenses than places to browse for free music. Some of the sites that help you find royalty free music include Incompetech, DanoSongs, FreeSoundtrackMusic.com, Partners In Rhyme, Public Domain 4U and ccMixter.

Another way to get free to low cost music for your site, video or other presentations is to find an artist you like in your area on an indie music site such as ReverbNation. Then contact the artist and work out a cross-promotional deal or reach a licensing aggreement.

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