Understanding the Difference Between Democracy and Dumocracy
by Alex Cosper
Thursday, July 7, 2016

Democracy is the ideal political system for society, if all goes right. But as soon as democracy is compromised in any way, it becomes dumocracy. You might notice it regardless of major political party. When neocons, for example, begin to set the agenda for the democratic party, then you know dumocracy is setting in the same way as Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Nobody votes for dumocracy, it just happens as politicians one by one sell their souls to lobbyists who represent the interests of greedy corporations. Many of us are now familiar with how the system works, thanks mainly to the internet. In a dumocratic system fair elections don't matter. Dividing votes up into categories that can later be included or excluded from the results is one of the confusing tricks that throws elections sometimes.

Your best clue that dumocracy has taken over society is when everyone on Facebook is quoting the headlines they read from mainstream media. So many people are just parrots of whatever big biz says and don't even bother to stop and question how much of it is just PR. In a democratic election you will hear from various points of the political sprectrum. But in a dumocratic election, you'll mostly just hear the neocon themes.

One of the concerns of a democratic society is that control will get in the wrong hands and lead to dumocratic mistakes, such as poorly planned elections full of easy to confuse details. It's pretty clear that states have created their own fiascos, such as in the 2016 Arizona Primary in which several polling locations were suddenly shut down.

If you witness dumocratic behavior in the media - such as when AP announced that Clinton was the presumptive nominee the day before the California primary - just be aware that you are not alone. Many people are taking notice that the election process has been handled very carelessly in 2016. It's important for people to speak up on social media about how these elections have not gone smoothly, especially with nonpartisan voters.

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