The Connection Between Media Parrots
and TV-Brainwashed Zombies

by Alex Cosper
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

People can pretend all they want that they aren't hypnotized by television or that television exists as a choice to inform or entertain the masses. TV exists for one reason: commercial hypnosis. Otherwise the top investors in studying TV audience psychology - TV ad agencies - wouldn't spend so much money on consumer behavior studies. Social conditioning is the goal of all television programming, whether it's crafted for prime time or a documentary slot. TV is designed to influence the market.

It's actually more common for people to pretend the TV brainwash state is normal, since not many people like to admit they're being fooled even when they are. How many people do you know believe in the following lies perpetrated by big media networks?

the U.S. owes all of its debt to China
Iraq was deeply involved with 911
GMOs have been tested for long term safety
the Wall Street crash of 2008 was caused by fraudulent home buyers
Lower unemployment and a booming stock market are indicators of an improved economy

Each of these statements paint false images of what's really taking place. Most of U.S. debt, for example, is to Wall Street bondholders - people that control big media and like the idea of the "bad guys" being foreigners. Most people have figured out that Bush's Iraq War that started in 2003 was based on false information that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

GMO myths are tied directly to the big companies that market genetically modified seeds or products. These purveyors have a vested interest in promoting GMO products. Even though Monsanto officials have admitted to submitting phony data to the FDA to get approval, the broader media lets it slide. Monsanto affects a high percentage of conventional food products on the market, so naturally, not many big companies like Pepsi or Coca-Cola will protest GMOs, since they support modern biotech chemical processes.

Unfortunately, GMOs have never been tested for long term safety. They didn't really flood the conventional grocery supermarket until the 1990s. Since it hasn't been possible to do long term studies over the course of a few decades, it does not compute that long term studies prove GMOs are safe. Yet, TV-brainwashed zombies are willing to throw logic out the window and believe reports that GMOs are safe.

It's bizarre emough that the World Health Organization said that glyphosate, a chemical used by Monsanto, probably causes cancer in 2015 then changed their minds within a year. TV always gives more weight to polluters than environmentalists. So whenever the enviromentalists manage to get a point across to the masses, such as organic food is more healthy than conventional food, it's treated as lightweight news. But whenever studies are released that show polluters aren't so bad do to the economic numbers they generate, it's treated as heavy news.

Media parrots - no offense to the birds who imitate voices - are people who repeat media mantras without questioning them. It's an enormous media mantra, for example, that the only viable candidates in elections are democrats and republicans. Never mind that the media is bought off by both huge advertising clients. The exact number of people who are brainwashed by TV is somewhere in the 90 percentile. The number who are brainwashed by media mantras is in the same ball park.

In a sense, media parrots and TV-brainwashed zombies mean the same thing. But to clarify, media parrots are the subset of TV-brainwashed zombies who go around repeating the illogical media mantras they pick up from reporters and politicians broadcast on network TV. For more information check out my song "TV Brainwashed Zombies (Decide Our Elections)." It's one of ten tracks from the KWODZAP Video Album Political Trainwreck Music.

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