Tips for Going Green
Compiled by Alex Cosper
Saturday, February 27, 2016

01. Unplug electronic and electrical devices when not in use
02. Reduce the amount of water you use
03. Find alternative methods of transportation, such as bicycling
04. Plant a new tree or garden
05. Put bottles, cans and other recyclable items in recycle bins
06. Adopt ways to use renewable energy such as solar
07. Spread green tips to friends
08. Avoid using toxic chemicals for cleaning
09. Protect your skin by using organic lotion
10. Stay free from artificial colors, flavors and fragrances
11. Look for labels such as USDA Organic, Non-GMO and 100% biodegradable
12. Invest in a water filtering device
13. Put an end to all the junk mail you receive
14. Save plastic bags for reuse
15. Figure out ways to recycle water in your garden
16. Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) or LED bulbs
17. Avoid buying products that use heavy packaging
18. Buy food directly from local farmers' markets
19. Find alternative methods of transportation, such as bicycling
20. Use hydroponic farming methods to conserve garden space and avoid pesticides
21. Consider the multiple uses of coconut oil
22. Wear light clothes in the warm months and heavier clothing in the cold months
23. Use solar lights for gardens
24. Grow trees that can cool your home with shading
25. Lower your excitement for impulsive shopping
26. Develop your own hobbies to replace TV watching with creative, productive activities
27. Take old computers to recycling centers
28. Wear shirts and hats that promote green energy
29. Eat out less and prepare your own meals
30. Get exercies by walking instead of driving short distances
31. Create your own recipes with organic ingredients
32. Use sunlight for lighting in the day, rather than electricity
33. Prepare meals that don't require a lot of pots and pans to clean
34. Use presticide-free organic fertilizer on gardens
35. Cut back on grid-based electricity, such as watching TV all day with the lights on
36. Bring your own cloth bags to the supermarket
37. Carpool certain days of the week
38. Prepare food in a solar cooker or oven
39. Use electronic communication to replace paperwork
40. Research product availability and eco-friendly quality online

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