Visiting the Jimmy Dore Show
by Alex Cosper, July 18, 2017

I began watching Jimmy Dore during the 2016 presidential election as an alternative to mainstream media coverage. We both supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries and both came to the conclusion that the whole thing was rigged. So I started watching a lot of his videos on YouTube. On July 10, 2017, I decided to go check out a live performance of the Jimmy Dore Show the following Monday at Flappers, a comedy club in Downtown Burbank.

Thinking I had to beat traffic, the drive from San Diego to Burbank only took about three hours. I arrived near the venue at 3:30pm. The show started at 8pm, but people were supposed to arrive an hour early. Either way, I had plenty of free time, so I just walked around Downtown Burbank. The ticket only cost $10 plus a $3 service charge. When I arrived at 7pm to Flappers, I immediately noticed Ron Placone, one of Jimmy's comedians who appears oh his shows. I let him know I drove all the way from San Diego. In the first hour I checked in and sat at the bar. I sat next to a lady who was a school teacher, who somehow knew Jerry Brown. During this time I watched on the monitors how techies were setting up the Jimmy Oore Show.

At 8pm we went inside the comedy room. I sat next to a lady named Anne from Bakersfield. Like the other lady in the bar, she agreed with me that the 2016 presidential election was a joke. We were complete Bernie supporters who agreed with a lot of Jimmy Dore's views. We agreed how the two party system was bought off and no longer represented the people. Just before the show started I focused on how Jimmy's setup was much like how I envisioned doing multimedia presentations years ago. He basically worked with a live crew plus content on a big video screen.

Ron Placone and the Stef Zamorano Miserable Liberal each did short monologues before Jimmy Dore came out to do his own short monologue that broke away from politics. Dore brought Placone and Zamorano back onstage, along with Mike MacRae and Dave Anthony. The show lasted until about 10pm. Much of it seemed to be adlib and commenting on the big screen content, which included scenes from CNN and former CNBC host Dylan Ratigan. The discussion covered the collapse of the democratic party and how the Russian scandals concocted by the DNC and spread by mainstream media haven't helped the party recover from its embarrassing string of defeats.

There was a meet and greet with Jimmy after the show, but I decided to take off, since it would be a long drive back to San Diego. Seeing the show live was fun, as it was one of the first comedy shows I've seen in years. I like the format of a nightclub having a political/social commentary theme mixed with comedy. People shouldn't have to drive hundreds of miles to find this type of entertainment. It's the type of show that should be present among local talent who talk about their community.

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