How To Make a Low Budget Turntable
by Alex Cosper

Have you ever needed to spin a tripod so that a camera can take pan shots? Camera shops don't always provide the "turntable" necessary for this function. So instead of looking all over town or spending time online trying to track down a mechanism that will spin your camera, you can always invent your own turntable. This video explains the simple steps involved. All you will need is a plastic plate, a plastic toy car and some strong tape.

Crafting your own custom tools out of raw junk is always an option in case you can't find more professional tools to work with. Sometimes tools need to be invented for "workaround solutions." This is especially true for people who don't want to invest money in equipment they may only need to use once.

This low budget turntable idea obviously isn't mean for a real turntable that plays vinyl records. Such a project would require much more time and involve electronics. For this project, the spinning plate does not need to be powered by electronics because it's only used for moving the camera angle. The video merely provides a basic idea for how this solution can be made.

The axle on the toy car is the key to making the plate spin. A more elaborate way to make this tool work better is to drill a hole in the center of the plate and allow the axle to pass through with the wheel attached to the plate. Others may want to glue the wheel to the plate. Some type of object is necessary to connect the axle and plate that allows the wheel to freely turn.

The turntable concept can be accomplished by attaching a plate to any type of spinning object. The key is for the tripod and camera to balance on the spinning object. The more freely the spinning plate turns, the better. The main point of this video is not so much an idea for mass production of products, as it is a general solution of creating a simple spinning device.

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