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One of the big shifts in business in the 21st century has been toward a "mobile workplace," also known as a "bring your own device" (BYOD) policy. Several companies are cutting costs by adopting this concept. Not only does it save them money on investing in a computer for each employee, it's saving money on maintenance, energy and office space.

The BYOD concept grew out of the smartphone craze started by Apple's iPhone in 2007. Google's Android quickly became a competitor, followed by Samsung and others. By allowing employees to choose their own personal smartphones and laptops, employers are creating a more flexible atmosphere and team loyalty. It allows for more remote work from home, which cuts transportation costs. It also allows sales agents to work more on the field while staying connected through the cloud.

The main concern for employees about BYOD is cybersecurity. With different devices and different anti-virus software, there needs to be IT oversight of all this diversity. The solution is a mobile device management (MDM) platform, which allows security officials to set policies for all employees, such as avoiding public wi-fi or only storing certain data on devices. MDM further allows IT officials to lock and wipe data on a mobile device if it is lost or stolen.

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