Glossary of the Nu Paradigm
Compiled by Alex Cosper

@ - social media abbreviation for "at"
# - social media symbol that indicates hashtag (group defined by term that follows symbol)
$ - used in various ways to indicate money
((())) - symbols to emphasize vibrance, such as (((power))) or (((vibes)))
% - social media symbol for percentage
& - social media symbol for "and"
+ - social media symbol for "and"
0 - a symbol sometimes used in social media in place of "zero," "nothing" or the letter "O"
1 - a symbol pronounced like "one" in social media, representing totality, such as "some1"
1% - wall st corpr8types & billionaires who live off of investments instead of labor
2 - a symbol pronounced like "two" used in social media that can either mean "to," "two" or "too"
4 - a symbol pronounced like "four" used in social media than can either mean "four" or "for"
4xample - social media abbreviation for "for example" instead of the old world's confusing "e.g."
420 - a symbol relating to hemp-oriented produx
528 - 528 hertz; the frequency of luv
8 - a symbol pronounced like 8 used in social media, depicting "loopy," as in "corpr8"
8E - (rare) pronounced "loopy" for anything that seems crazy, silly or fake
banxter - a corpr8banker; does not apply to local independent bankers or local credit unions
b4 - social media abbreviation for "before"
big biz - big business; commonly associate with wall st
biz - short for business
bullzht - something that is nonsense but is portrayed to be true
con - con artist who bribes others or sells sells crapitalist produx
crap - waste; the building block of crapitalism
dinosaur-brain - out of date person who still supports the fossil fuel biz pollution
economix - short for economics
corp - short for corpr8 or corporation
corp8 - short for corporate, usually when the company is froot-loopy
corpr8world - anything or anyone proudly controlled by wall st
energy vampire - someone who robs another of their energy, either intentionally or unintentionally
fascist - some1 who supports merging govt & corpr8 interests with salute to corps buying off govt
FB - abbreviation for Facebook
froot-loopy - (rare) shady, like cereal with artificial colors; also spelled "fr00tL00pE"; scholars use 8E
gmo - genetically modified organism, a crapitalist product that may be dangerous due to lack of testing
green - short for anything pertaining to nature or the green revolution
indie - independent, usually relating to a business
lamestream - mainstream; although coined by Sarah Palin, doesn't indicate any Tea Party affiliation
luv - same as love, with a deeper more sincere appreciation
meme - an element such as an image or post that goes viral on social media
new - recently introduced item but is not necessarily nu
new world order - fascist scheme that benefits the corpr8world
nu - creative; innovative
nu world - modern thinking-based (self actualization/counter-culture era 1960s thru present)
old world - people who live in the past, specifically when old fashioned bigots were in control
organic - of the earth or nature with minimal synthetic or chemical compromise
peace - universal luv: the ultimate goal of the nu world
pharmaloonical - a crapitalist company that manufactures synthetic drugs that may be dangerous
politix - short for politics
polluter - someone who proudly contributes to environmental waste and destruction
pranxter - someone who pulls pranks on people, usually in a deceptive way without their knowledge
produx - social media abbreviation for products
small biz - small business
solar - free energy from the sun; an industry that's quickly becoming more efficient than fossil fuel
toxic trash - relating to pollution or dangerous chemicals
vampire - someone who robs, as in an "energy vampire" who robs someone of their energy
venture capitalist - some1 part of a firm that invests in start-ups with expectation of future profits
vulture - someone who feeds off greed, especially in a crapitalistic way
vulture crapitalist - an investor who turns things to crap & profits off destruction
wall st - social media abbreviation for wall street - the banxters who run the financial system
wickedly warped - conswervative; usually relating to greed, as in "wickedly warped corps"

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