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Technology, like music, can move in trends and lead to a lot of redundant market saturation. The technology section of Nu Pop Culture will be focused on actual new ideas and not so much the latest tech companies jumping on bandwagons. Check out 2017 Tech News.

Steve Jobs had a way of making tech exciting even to non-techies, whereas Bill Gates was more of just a regular old world aggressive marketer that always seemed to favor rushing bug-riddled products to market than quality control. Eventually, the Apple model ended up beating the Microsoft model for tech, making Apple the most successful company on Earth while Microsoft largely played follow the leader.

As exciting as Apple was during the Jobs era, the company began to exhibit reduced adventurous vision once Tim Cook took over. Although a progressive, and the first openly gay CEO, as well as a supporter of building solar data centers, Cook simply has not captured people's imagination the same way Jobs did, although the stock has achieved record levels. Apple became the first $800 billion company in May 2017 and is on track to be the first trillion dollar company in the next few years.

When iTunes launched it was revolutionary under Jobs. Under Cook iTunes has slipped in market share and in quality. In the music space, Apple has been more of a follower of Spotify than a leader with new ideas for streaming music.

Traditionally, the tech industry has mainly been of interest to techies. But starting around 1984 the home computer revolution, as consumers began to see the need to do work on computers rather than by hand. The development of the World Wide Web was another major advancement that made more average Americans curious about computers. Search engines like Google, of course, helped open the door to low cost online advertising while helping users find information quickly on the web.

If you wonder where the high paying jobs are these day, investigate the tech arena. There is still a strong outlook for IT work, even with cloud integration, as well as software programming and web design. It's important to keep in mind, however, that many tech companies are outsourcing work overseas to cheaper label. In some countries, techies with valuable web and programming experience are offering their services for as low as a few dollar per hour. There will probably be plenty of work for advanced techies in the future, but techies with limited knowledge and credentials may be replaced with cheaper outsourced workers.

As much as we hear about how great tech is, there are still lame things about it that need to be fixed, starting with search engines that still serve links to nowhere and bad sites. It's still possible to click a search engine link and get a virus. There's also no guarantee that even a credible website will get indexed. One of the lamest things about tech is how much redundancy and spam it generates.

Tech giants are trying hard to take over entertainment, but they should be paying closer attention to how to improve existing tech products on the market. They should keep it straight that their job is to create better tech products to improve the consumer experience and not worry so much about being the most relevant entertainment platform. There should also be more emphasis on creating tools that help entreprenuers test and promote products.

The internet economy is a no-brainer. Let's expand it so that there are plenty more self-employed freelance web surfers. The more people work from home, the less they will drive and pollute the air.

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